8 Reasons for Cold Showers

Alright, here’s 8 reasons I’m ABSOLUTELY addicted to cold showers (and you should be too).

1. My entire skincare routine essentially consists of cold showers. My skin and hair have never been healthier. 

2. If you start your day by deliberately doing something difficult, the rest of your day is easy. Approach discomfort = easy life. Avoid discomfort = hard life. 

3. Dopamine! Cold water exposure can massively increase dopamine and neurepinephrine production, which, for those with ADHD, is a powerful tool.

4. Nothing will amp you up more. I honestly wish I could go back to my first ever cold shower. I felt so good I had a fit of laughter.

5. My immune system is unbreakable. Seriously. I never get sick.

6. Mental immunity. Psychological fortitude. The benefits in psychological strength will translate into every aspect of your daily life.

7. A cold shower at 3pm is the most potent pick me up on offer. I have to stop myself from having cold showers throughout the day when I hit a slump.

8. Cold-water induced vasoconstriction acts as a system anti-inflammatory, especially useful for post-training recovery.