Using Stress to Enhance Performance?

Hello my helpful tribe!

Here’s a 4 step process you can use to turn stress from a buzz kill into actual buzz, as outlined by professor Andrew Huberman and Dr. Alia Crum. And yes, this is about mindset, because your mindset is the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. It is how negative beliefs manifest in negative experiences, and how positive beliefs can produce positive experiences.

So, to capitalise on stress, there are 4 steps.

Step one

Change your definition of stress. Disassociate stress from its negative connotations and realise it is the neutral and natural effect of adversity in any goal-related effort.

Step two 

Acknowledge that you’re stressed. Own it, see it, be mindful of it. If you’re stressed about being stressed, you’re perpetuating a spiral that follows itself downwards and that’s no fun.

Step three

Understand that stress means you care about the outcome, and that you have a role to play in shaping that outcome. If you don’t, stop stressin. (rhetorical question)

Step four

Understand that the total effect of anything is a combined product of what you’re doing and what you think about what you’re doing. Adopt the mindset that stress enhances your performance, and viola. It will.

Have fun being stressed :)